Top 5 ways to make extra money

5. Go to a casino

This may not seem a good idea to make extra money, but like any other business, there is risk involved and the same is true with a casino as long as you know what you are doing. A good money management is required to generate the target profit intended. One good way to manage casino winnings is to compare profits when selling a used item, you should be really satisfied with a 10% return on a $100 risk than aiming to make $1,000 or even just $200 with a $100 risk.

4. Get a side job

No matter how small the pay is for a few hours of labor, by simply offering services that you think you can handle like freelance writing to doing your neighbor's lawn at a discount, a side job will still generate a small amount to pay that cellphone bill.

3. Lend money

Lending money and charging interest on the loan generates a better return than a bank savings account as long as you make sure the principal amount is repaid together with the interest. Taking a small security or collateral would help assure that the borrower would repay the loan. If the loan cannot be repaid you can arrange a deal with the borrower to liquidate the collateral used as payment.

2. Buy and sell stuff

The best way to buy and sell used items is to scan your city for garage sales over the weekend and secure items that you think would sell. Items generally sold at garage sales are mostly unwanted items that owners just really want to get rid of to free up space in their homes so it is highly likely that you can buy items dirt cheap and resell them later at a much higher price.

1. Liquidate unwanted items

Just like how garage sales help you get better deals for resale later on, owners of these items on a garage sale would definitely generate the needed money just by getting rid of their unwanted items.

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