Resume writing strategies and tips

A powerful resume for job seekers is an important component for a job search to be successful.
It is somewhat a personal ad or a calling card that delivers and communicates skills, experience, qualifications to a potential employer. It is the first thing that employers remember when a candidate is considered for a position. Resumes carry a tremendous impact on your job search. Taking it easy or lightly rather than devoting all your resources such as time and energy to produce a well written resume can change your status from getting that dream job or just simply finding employment. Here is a short list to consider when writing a resume.

1. Use Keywords

Depending on the nature of the job, keywords are specific set of words that pertains to a particular profession. For instance, when applying for management jobs words such as "inventory control", "integrated logistics" or "materials management" should be used. Instead of using keywords for general job categories like "produced", "instrumental in", a particular set of keywords for the nature of the job that you are applying to will surely tell employers that you really know what is going on.

2. Make the resume interviewable

After an employer thinks that the candidate passed the keywords scanning process and determined that the candidate is qualified for the position, the next step is looking for content that will supply a series of questions about the candidate's performance. In order for you to lead the employer to ask questions that matters for them to see your worth, try to include past achievements on a former job such as "cost savings", "technology implementations", "efficiency enhancement" or just a good general picture of your responsibilities on a former job. This will get your employer to ask you questions that you want them to ask you.

3. Remove confusion with context and form

Employers have huge piles of resumes on their desk for review so the chances of your resume getting fully read are slim. This is where house keeping works magic. Since employers would quickly scan a resume looking a perfect matching keyword to their needs, make your keyword information easy to find by defining sections with highly visible headings. Consistency in the placement of job titles, company and dates should be a priority.

4. Demonstrate your achievements

Instead of just saying " responsible for the daily operations of the division", use functions to further demonstrate what you are capable of like "supervised a team of 10 to orchestrate a series of online and TV advertising campaigns which led to a 15% increase in total revenue for 2 consecutive quarters" sounds better.

5. Be Unique and confident

You should create a resume that is written to strongly highlight qualifications, skills and employment history which will make you very marketable and sell you. Making the employer feel that they need you through a well written and planned resume while at the same time remaining in the realm of reality will greatly increase the probability of employer offers or interviews.

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