Top 10 US states to visit

Here are the top US states that make the cut for the must visit list. Factors taken into account in ranking them include the popularity among foreign visitors while domestic tourists who are already residing in the country are given less emphasis due to their time advantage. Visitors from foreign countries plan their visit ensure that they make the most out of their limited time. Another factor is the proximity from another popular destination and their value in terms of popular landmarks. These combined with a unique and memorable experience is how this list is compiled and ranked.

1. California
California tops the list as this state is among the most popular in the world because of numerous movie and music pieces that refers to the state. When America comes in mind to foreigners, other than the Statue of liberty in New York city, Hollywood, The golden gate bridge and Disneyland comes to their mind. California has 4 huge metropolitan areas 2 of them are popular world class destinations which is San Francisco and Los Angeles. The state also has the most number of amusement parks in the nation. Other than its urban centers, California has a lot to offer tourists like the Death Valley national park, Lake Tahoe, the giant redwood trees, mountains, coastal cliffs and beaches. One can literally ski on the mountains in the morning, hit the beach or trek the desert in the afternoon then check out the night life in the city.

2. New York
Second in the list is the state of New York. This state has the benefit of the popularity of the largest city in America, the big apple, New York city. NYC delivers an urban jungle of skyscrapers to tourists, the Statue of Liberty gives visitors a great picture to take home and brag about. One can spend 2 to 3 days in the city and not run out of things to do. Outside its urban center, the cities of Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C are nearby and package tours for these historically significant cities are easily obtainable. The state of New York also has the world famous Niagara falls to the north west not mentioning an opportunity to visit 3 major Canadian cities across its border.

3. Florida
With its spectacular beaches, Florida is another US state worth everybody's time. The beaches of Miami gives visitors the sense of a tropical paradise while at the same time giving them access to a major metropolitan area filled with all the amenities one can wish for. Orlando, which is right in the middle of the state offers a theme park haven that matches California's southern half. Other popular places to visit other than the two popular metro areas are the Florida keys at the southern tip of the state, Cape Canaveral to the west where NASA does all of their launches is also a worthy place to visit and the Everglades for those nature seeking individuals.

4. Washington D.C
It is definitely not a state but as a separate entity, Washington D.C has some of the most picturesque monuments and buildings in the nation and around the world. As the seat of the U.S government, this is where all policies are made that affects the rest of the world so visitors would have this sense of relevance that they are actually visiting a major world center of power. Outside the district's area, its close proximity to Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York makes the visit worthwhile.

5. Nevada
Famous for its gambling metropolis Las Vegas more than its beautiful deserts, Nevada is a must see for tourists both foreign and local seeking thrills to win it big or lose it all. Sin City's portrayal on major international movies draws a lot or tourists and basically powers the entire state of Nevada in terms of popularity and financial matters. Its close proximity to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, a 6 hour drive adds more value to your visit other than the target city in mind which is Las Vegas.

6. Utah
Ok, so your time is limited and you only want to see major American metropolitan areas, then Utah is definitely not for you but in terms of unique natural wonders, and pre-historical archeological dig sites and spectacular ski resorts. Utah is undervalued in the filed of international tourism. It is home to the Bonneville salt flats in Wendover, where all land speed records are made or broken. It is basically a salt desert, but you cannot find any place like it in the world. If you are a fan of natural rock formations particularly arches, then Arches National park is a must place to visit in Moab. Canyonlands, Bryce canyon and the Grand Staircase are all in this state, it is a haven for nature lovers.

7. Illinois
Illinois' main tourist draw is Chicago, the second most popular skyline in the United States after New York. The Navy Pier and the once tallest building the world the Sears tower are among the most visited destinations in the city of Chicago.

8. Washington
Rain and more rain, but when its clear, The home of the Emerald City Seattle, delivers a very unique Urban feel while delivering breathtaking views of the Olympic mountains and the Cascade mountains not to mention the famous Mounth Ranier at its backdrop. The possibility of visiting Canada and its west coast city Vancouver is also within reach.

9. Texas
Cowboys are popular cultural icons around the world and the state that comes in mind when a movie brings them about is Texas. The lone star state and the largest state in the union offers historical destinations like the Alamo and the San Jacinto battlegrounds, other than the country feel and miles and miles of ranches, Houston and Dallas are two major metropolitan areas that offers visitors an urban getaway after a day in the rodeo.

10. Colorado
Other than its major city and capital Denver, Colorado is more popular for its outdoor destinations especially in the winter time. The rockies, Aspen and its numerous hot springs are a major draw for local tourists. Mount Rushmore, another world famous land mark in the State of South Dakota is just 6 hours away from Denver. A foreign tourist would likely not have enough time for this naturally beautiful state, but a visit is surely worth ones time.

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