Risk Disclosure

The information provided on this website is subject to change without prior notice in accordance to the level of accuracy observed. Econtrader.com cannot guarantee full accuracy of the contents provided due to fluctuating daily events but is continually taking steps to keep written accounts current and accurate to the best of our ability. We recommend not to use this website as the sole base for trading decisions and strategy but as a guide and an information source. Econtrader.com does not provide investment advice that governs a person or an institution's financial or living standards. This website provides you with basic supplemental data and does not entice a person or an institution to risk exposure in promise of a reasonable return. Trade or use the data we provided at your own risk.


High risk investment

Trading stocks and currencies exposes you to high risk of capital loss. You should trade or buy securities only when you have sufficient knowledge on how they work and the consequences of your actions. Trading the capital markets is a form of controlled gambling as nobody can guarantee the outcome of a stock or a currency's fate in the future but the data provided by the economy and financial statements provides you with a reasonable course of action. Use only capital risk or money you could afford to lose without significant impact on your standard of living. Econtrader.com is not responsible for any financial loss incurred.

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