The Name of the company, its ticker symbol (ADM) and the exchange to where the stock is listed (NYSE)

A Ticker symbol is a stock's unique identifier for example, Microsoft's ticker symbol is MSFT. Ford motor company has a ticker symbol of F, Archer Daniels Midland's symbol is ADM. This prevents confusion since companies used to have multiple ticker symbols trading on different exchanges. When trading stocks or looking up on quotes, a ticker symbol is used to obtain the information or placing orders through your broker. The three major stock exchanges in the United States,

- New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
-American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
-National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ)

Company stocks are listed on the exchange to facilitate trades which is identified by their unique ticker symbol. Stocks trading on the NYSE has 1-3 letter symbol while NASDAQ, which is an over the counter exchange has ticker symbols containing 4 or more letters. In a way, we could look at it as a form of advertisement or a means to boost a company's image through the eyes of potential investors. Since companies can move from one exchange to the other, The New York Stock exchange has the strictest requirements for a company to be able to trade on its exchange than the NASDAQ or the American Stock Exchange.


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